Programs and Personnel


Programs and Personnel

Bierlein’s comprehensive safety programs and highly trained personnel help ensure safety remains a top priority every day, on every job site.Members of our Safety Team, composed of highly trained safety and industrial hygiene professionals, conduct daily job site visits to perform safety audits and observe safe practices and behaviors.

An exclusive in-house safety and training staff, under the direction of our Managers of Safety, Training and Industrial Hygiene, provide a minimum of 40 hours safety training annually for each employee. When specific training is called for, our accredited instructors ensure that all personnel meet not only government standards, but also rigorous Bierlein standards.

View a list of safety awards or contact us for our current OSHA standing and a detailed description of Bierlein safety programs and procedures.

  • Full-time Certified Industrial Hygienist and Certified Hazardous Materials Manager on staff
  • Certified Safety Personnel
  • Site-specific health and safety plan (SSHASP) on every project
  • Site-specific pre-job training and on-site controls
  • More than 17,000 man hours in annual safety training provided to Bierlein employees
  • Standard and specialized personal protective equipment (PPE) provided for all workers
  • Semi-annual quality control review program
  • Mandatory pre-employment and annual physicals
  • Employee safety incentive program
  • Active involvement with safety organizations keeps staff current in industry topics and standards