Extracting Value from Every Pound of Debris

As part of Bierlein’s commitment to environmentally responsible operations, we reclaim and recycle materials from our project sites whenever possible. Using specialized equipment and trained personnel, we are able to divert waste from landfills, protect natural resources and help our customers extract value from every pound of debris.

In many cases, our extensive recycling services can help offset the expense of a demolition or dismantling project, particularly when combined with an asset recovery program.

To discuss your reclamation and recycling needs, contact an estimator.

  • Asphalt transported to local asphalt plants for reuse
  • Concrete crushed for reuse as road base or stone aggregate – Bierlein owns three portable crushers
  • Ferrous and nonferrous metals – iron, steel, copper, aluminum, platinum, nickel and alloys – transported to appropriate recycling facilities
  • Wood and bricks salvaged for reclaimed construction materials markets
  • Cardboard and paper recycled for reuse in a wide range of materials